Online Video Marketing Tips for Your First Video Marketing Sequence

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Today on our small business marketing blog we are going to talk about a couple Online Video Marketing Tips  for your Video Marketing Sequence.

The other day I was starting an online video marketing project for a major yearly event for a community in Florida.

So, I decided to share these three online video marketing tips because these are the key tips for making first video in a profitable video marketing sequence.

Tip # 1. Make sure the person you have as your video personality or advocate for your campaign is someone who your target audience can relate with. This is important in  building trust with your video marketing message. If your target market was a group of business motivational speakers, you might want to have a motivational business speaker give the talk on the video. It’s really that simple.

Tip #2. Treat your first online video like a headline in a sales letter.
You can do this by focusing your first video on getting the attention of our viewers, creating a USP with your message and building curiosity for the videos that will follow.

Tip #3. Get some kind of commitment from your viewers.
You accomplish two things when you get a commitment like an email opt-in, a [like] on your Facebook page, a subscription to your Youtube Channel or a new follower on twitter.

First, the more little steps you can get your prospects to take, the more likely they are to take the step of buying from you. Second, the more channels you can get your prospects to subscribe to you, the more likely they are to keep watching your online marketing videos because they will see them in more than one place.

Tip #4. Have a focus on sharing.
If your videos are entertaining or have uniquely important content, they are more likely to be shared by your target audience. Remember in your online video marketing that its okay to ask them to share. Just make sure you know why your target market should share the video and then remind them of the reasons why it’s a good idea to share it.

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